FreeCity Minecraft

A upcoming realistic roleplay city server with huge attention to detail.

What is FreeCity?

FreeCity is envisioned to be a high-detail city exploration map with unique roleplay elements for everyone.

Buildings, Infrastructure, Jobs, Economy... Detailed simulation of a real-life environment within Minecraft.


FreeCity is in its development phases, however, there are things you can do for us!

  1. Keep updated with our progress

We regularly update our progress on our discord channel, and occasionally on our Twitter! Follow us and join our discord channel for the latest updates?

  1. Help us build!

Currently, we have yet to officially open for builders to apply to help us, as our world is currently almost empty as we only just started. However, if you are interested to help us out in this project, please do email us at :P

Want to learn more?

Be sure to check out the FAQ page to learn and understand more about us and this project!